New Stuff!

Finally, I’ve begun to swerve around the corner of organization and planning and onto the far more narrow path of pure content. FINALLY. So, what’s new? Well, I added a YouTube tab for my new channel (Click here if interested), in which I’ll be uploading, as of now, once a week. In about three weeks time, I believe the “taste” of my channel will be fairly obvious, and I hope to make it into something awesome!

Next, I categorized and organized my blog posts and created a better way to get straight to the specific material you’re looking for. I’ll continue to post at my own free will, with a less of a set-in-stone schedule than, say, the YouTube channel.

I took down the book tab because I need to make a few changes in Comfort in Candor. There are some formatting issues that really chap my ass, so that will be back soon.

Lastly, I changed the way you all can follow me on social media, making easier to access my Instagram and Facebook page.

Recent Posts!

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