King Loganidas, my new YouTube channel, is up and running! I’m currently working on what I’d like to focus on and releasing videos on a semi-consistent schedule. I’d love for you stop by, have a watch, and like/subscribe if you find my stuff compelling. Any and all love is always appreciated, more than you know. Enjoy!

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  • Motivational Monday: Mo Gawdat - Lately when out with friends,  I have been spending a considerable amount of energy observing what’s going on around me as well as what’s happening in my heart and mind; how I feel about where I am, who I’m around, and what I’m accomplishing. Through it all, I’ve come to the realization that something is … More Motivational Monday: Mo Gawdat
  • Monday Motivation: Carl Sagan - This is one is a classic. Lately, I’ve been interested in us, mankind, in all of our power and influence, good and bad. Based on what I see day to day, I believe that many of us have lost our perspective, and as a result, we live out our lives with misplaced energy that ultimately … More Monday Motivation: Carl Sagan