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King Loganidas, my new YouTube channel, is up and running! I’m currently working on what I’d like to focus on and releasing videos on a semi-consistent schedule. I’d love for you stop by, have a watch, and like/subscribe if you find my stuff compelling. Any and all love is always appreciated, more than you know. Enjoy!

Recent Posts!

  • - On June 8th, Eric Ripert, a famed French chef, author, and tv personality, found himself worried due to the absence of his travel partner and longtime friend, Anthony Bourdain. The American had missed dinner the evening before and breakfast, a trend that was apparently uncommon. Deciding to check in, Ripert found his way to Bourdain’s […]
  • Andrew Breitbart: Righteously Indignant - Across the annals of time the greatest warriors to have graced the world sacrificed their lives for a cause larger than themselves: King Leonidas left Sparta to hold back the immense Persian hoard that sought to take all of Greece under Xerxes; Joan of Arc, a committed Catholic and canonized saint (1920), fought and died […]
  • The Answer to the Immigrant Crisis Isn’t Left or Right; It’s Dead Center - If you air on the side of conservatism you’re a racist xenophobic, and if you fall down the path of progressivism you don’t care about national security and native born Amercian citizens. The language being used to discuss the issue of illegal immigration across the southern border of the United States is extreme and entirely […]




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