19022588_1523625167689353_463604652_oEarlier this year, I set out to write my first book, a novella that would mark my entrance into the world of literature. I had a few ideas in the works, but none of them were ‘ripe’ yet; I’d even written over 100 pages into another story before deciding to shelve it for a later date. After tons deliberation and planning, I decided that I needed to hone my craft more, and to do so I needed to write about a subject matter that I was exceedingly familiar with, so I decided to create a short tale about ex-lovers.

And so Comfort in Candor was born.

This work represents, for me, hours of learning and refinement, as well as some intimate reflections on the past, present, and future. The story itself has many lessons, some harder to recognize than others, each message varying in its magnitude of seriousness. Comfort in Candor is the embodiment of how we retrospectively deconstruct the meaning of the past so that our time previously spent may help us in the future.

When I wrote the last paragraph for this work I was struck with genuine sorrow, for the progression and insights of the characters I’d created had come to halt, never to be inspected again. But this sliver of observable time within any book is the main reason we like to read in the first place; stories allow us to see different view points, witness tragedy, cheer on our heroes, and be there when two people fall in love. Literature serves as a window through which we can peer into special realms and observe special tales.

Now that I have my first book finished and published, my passion for writing has transformed into an obsession. When I wake up I want to create, and when I close my eyes at night I always feel the urge to hop out of bed and take a seat at my desk, pencil in hand. As my abilities increase, I hope to enrapture the public with my words and stories, all the while creating truly unique worlds that are expansive and addictively interesting.

If you’re interested in learning more about my first work, you’re welcome to stop by the ‘BOOKS’ tab above for a detailed description and link to Amazon, or you can simply click the picture of the fox below. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!

– Logan –