Whenever I go out with friends for a night of drinking I end up regretting it every time. I’m not a buzzkill, at least I try not to be, and I typically have a good time in the act, but I never wake up the next morning happy with my decision to drink half a bottle of whiskey while singing along to “Party in the USA”. Miley Cyrus has one hell of a voice, especially when you have a BAC of .20.

My regret comes the next day when you’re sitting in bed after haven just awoken from what feels like a coma. I usually sit there and try to piece together the events of the night before, despite my pounding head telling me to screw off. It’s in this moment I find disappointment, and in some cases, repulsion.

I’ve often been perplexed by my habits of drinking. By no means am I an alcoholic. I’m like most twenty-four years olds; I drink every once in awhile. I’ll have a margarita or two during trivia Tuesdays, and every few weekends I’ll venture into Denver to hit up a few bars with the crew. But through it all, I always regret consuming alcohol. Always. It wasn’t always like that for me. I didn’t always hate it so much. I drank a bit in high school like the other cool kids, and my twenty-first year of life was filled with great memories – or a lack there of – of day drinking and deep conversations at 4:00 o’clock in the morning. I regret none of it… well, maybe a few things… but for the most part I regret none of it.

Naturally, my older body can’t handle the demands of being a drinker. I get REAL hangovers now. The ones where you feel like you need to vomit all day as you pound cup after cup of water. The worst part is when I feel like I’m going to have a heart attack, stroke, and mental break down every few minutes when my body shudders at the thought of vodka. And if I imagine the smell of Jager my chances of puking increase by 95%.

There is a lot that I hate about alcohol as a substance, but one thing, in particular, has been on my mind; what could I have been doing instead? I imagine all of the things that I could’ve accomplished with a sharp, sober mind. Instead of downing a beer I could’ve read a few chapter about quantum mechanics. Instead of doing a body shot off a hotties stomach I could’ve been stargazing with my potential future wife. Across my lifetime so far, what could I have spent my time doing instead of drinking? So many things, and each time I imagine myself without alcohol, with all that missing time back in my grasp, I am filled with a deep regret.


Alcohol is a huge conversation with both good and bad aspects, and many opinions revolve around it. If any of you have a particular qualm with getting or being drunk I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.