Zlatan Ibrahimovic is one of the most formidable figures to have ever graced the world of football, and on April 20, 2016, his new career at Manchester United was cut short due to a serious injury to his knee. I saw it live and nearly puked when he landed after trying to win a header. After his injury had been officially confirmed, it was uncertain if Zlatan would ever return to the pitch. Typically, ACL tears take anywhere from six to nine months to heal fully, and at the age of 35, Zlatan’s body would surely deal with the injury far less effectively than someone on their early twenties. During those long, painful months, players have to struggle day after day through serious discomfort to ensure that their bodies don’t fall too far behind. I’ve torn my ACL/meniscus and broken my tibia/fibula, and after having recovered from both injuries, I’d rather break my leg three more times than have to deal with another knee injury.


Photo by Mathias Herheim on Unsplash

After just 5 months, Ibrahimovic and Manchester United announced that he will be offered a year long contract. Videos have been emerging of the Swede jogging, throwing kicks, and toying around with a football. The world has always known Zlatan to be a specimen of an athlete, that is obvious based simply on his pedigree, but even injuries slow the best of men down. Well, not Ibra. He’s always said that lions don’t concern themselves with the opinions of men, and now I am certain he’s right. When I was five months out from surgery I felt very human, far too much for my own liking. It’s good to see the lion back, for he brings so much passion, drama, and flair to the field, not to mention a specific brand of aggression.


If you don’t know anything about Zlatan Ibrahimovic, I urge you to go watch one of his many documentaries that are available on Youtube and Netflix. He’s lived an incredibly interesting life filled with hardship and success. His story transcends the world football and offers insights to things that all of us can understand, such as perseverance, loneliness, and dealing the opinions of others.

– Logan –