I left my glasses inside my friend’s purse last night, so I’ve been navigating in a blurry fog since waking up. I’m at Starbucks getting some writing done at the moment and I can’t make out the fine details of peoples faces unless they’re a few feet away. It’s sort of liberating to look around smiling at people like an idiot. Makes me want to forget my glasses more often.

Talking about glasses in any capacity makes you sound like Velma from Scooby Doo, and that is never a good look… unless of course, you’re into that. So in that case: HUZZAH.


I wonder if eye doctors lose their attraction to eyes having looked into the deeper, more slimy parts of the eye thousands of times. Maybe they prefer someone with good teeth more than someone with ice-blue eyes. On the other hand, I wonder if dentists can’t stand looking at peoples teeth because they spend their days digging in someone’s mouth. Heaven forbids you’re an optometrist and a dentist at the same time. I imagine their palates of attraction are quite interesting.

Arsenal won today, but I still have little to no hope for the season. After ten years of the same thing, you’d think I’d have learned by now.

If you’re young, be sure to take advantage of your time and energy. If you’re old, be sure to take advantage of your time and energy. And try have fun doing what you do; it’ll make it all worth it.

If you wanted to wake up early today to get a run or workout in and you silenced your alarm and stayed in bed instead, it’s ok. It’s hard to wake up on a Saturday, especially if you were drinking the night before. When Sunday rolls around, lay your workout clothes out on the floor next to your bed. You will inevitably wake up to go pee, and when you do, you’ll step on the clothes or simply notice them, and when you do, you’ll put them on. If you’re standing up and have an outfit waiting for you it makes taking action much easier.

Have an amazing weekend people, no matter where you are.

– Logan –