I sat down to write about 2017 and what I expect to happen in 2018, but I can’t seem to get anything down that I don’t find annoying or too negative. At one point in my life, New Year’s Eve used to be a fun day: it was an excuse to drink with friends, talk about the year in retrospect, and share your goals for the upcoming 365 days. Now it has become something that means nothing to me. While I find this sad to a degree, to waste such a time of jubilation, I refuse to lie to myself and act like the space between December 31 and January 1 has any real value besides getting wasted and waking up with a raging headache.

Over the years, I have heard tons of people claim growth and change and progress in their lives, and I have seen few of them make any change at all. If anything, I know many people who have instead worsened their habits, digging themselves deeper into who they don’t want to be. Drinking, judgment, smoking, bad diets, anti-social behavior, and overall things that simply aren’t conducive to a successful life; work, personal, and social.

My friends, family, and co-workers, I love, and while I carry an unjudgmental heart (I try my best), I measure people based on their actions, not their words. Words have little to no weight in my world. The number of times I have heard those close to me talk about change is absurd, and what’s worse is that very few people have the guts to make manifest their thoughts.

It saddens me to see those around me freeze up and sometimes backpedal, but I hold out for their success, always. I’m not perfect with my own plethora of setbacks and self-imposed roadblocks. But I want change. I want to be better. I want to be the best that I can possibly be, and if the words I tell myself end up drifting away into the ether, what does that make me? In my eyes, if I betray myself, then I have failed.

So with that, I want to share a few things that have worked for me over the past 365 days that have helped to make me a better person in all departments.

  • Workout. Don’t do it primarily because you want physically look better—that’s a powerful secondary reason—but do it because you want to develop a better taste for discipline, self-respect, and what the sensation feeling good actually feels like.
  • Go to bed early and wake up early. This depends on your schedule of course. Get your time in the sack and get the hell out. If you so dare, wake up before the sun is up and do something: make your bed, write a book, go for a jog, do yoga, DO SOMETHING.
  • Read as much and as often as you can. And read what excites you. If you like sword fights read fantasy, if you like reading about real crime, read Mindhunter by John Douglas. Bottom line: READ AND LEARN. Enrich your life and take pride in it.
  • Pick up a hobby(s) that you care about. Play the piano. Teach yourself Spanish. Paint. Sing. Dance. Celebrate life by doing what fills you with passion.
  • Let go of toxic people. This is cliche as all hell, but one of utter importance. You are who you surround yourself with. If you look to your left or right and say “Man, I really don’t like you all that much” it’s time to move one. Which leads me to my next point…
  • Don’t settle for comfortable, settle for incredible. The world is humungous, and so too are the pools of people out there. Go find someone you light a fire under ass. And keep an open heart. Sometimes the true self-appears after awhile. Patience and brutal honesty. Find a balance.
  • Forgive, but NEVER forget. Unless someone does something by accident. Forgive and forget that immediately.
  • If you find yourself angry at another, look inside yourself for the solution. Everything you’ll ever need is within. Anger, mean comments, and overall disagreeableness is a result of your own personal turmoil. Check yourself first. Always.
  • Love and find peace. When peace isn’t an option, fight like a warrior for what you believe in.
  • Kill bad habits and nurture good ones. Be honest in this pursuit. You’d be surprised how habitual we are, and how harmful some of those routines are.

I hope you all have a breathtaking year; one filled with wonder, success, and unadulterated joy. Do what you love and define your own reality.

– Logan –